Cap’n Rules

Banana Bucks


We are no longer accepting old Banana Buck Stickers.
This new program has been in place since May 2012.


The accumulation of points for Banana Buck rewards are calculated as follows:

  1. For every $1 you spend on product, you get 1 Banana Buck Point.
  2. For every 50 points accumulated, you earn $2 award off your purchase.
    • This is the same as for every $10 you spend you get 1 Banana Buck, and you must have 5 Banana Bucks to get $2 off
  3. When you reach an award level, you do not have to take it at that time, and you can accumulate points for bigger award levels.
  4. When you do take an award, the points of the current sale are used first then the points on your account are taken for the remainder of the award.
  5. You will accumulate points on your case discount purchases.
  6. Banana Buck points will not be accumulated on Lottery purchases, and can not be redeemed on Lottery purchases.
  7. There is no cash redemptive value for Banana Buck Points.
  8. You must have Banana Buck Card present when using point rewards.


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